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How Important Is Progesterone in Our Body
How Important Is Progesterone in Our Body?

Progesterone is probably one of the most important hormones in the endocrine system, if not the most important. Progesterone pretty much runs the entire endocrine system. If any of the hormones are out of balance, chances are, the progesterone is out of balance too.

This is an analogy of how I like to compare what progesterone is and how it works. The hormones in the body are like a fine-tuned symphony. Each hormone represents an instrument. If the hormones are in balance, then everything hums along (like instruments being in tune and making beautiful music). Progesterone can be compared to cymbals. If progesterone is out of balance (from taking chemical hormones or for other reasons), the cymbals are replaced by trash can lids.

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If you try to play a symphony piece with trash can lids instead of beautiful cymbals, the song will be irritating, it won’t sound right, and it won’t work right. Much like if progesterone is out of balance in the body, something just isn’t quite right.

Because progesterone runs the show with the endocrine system, if there’s a hormonal issue, just balancing the progesterone alone will often help to address the other issues, including thyroid dysfunction.

Progesterone is made in our bodies from cholesterol. In women, it’s also produced by the corpus luteum at the ovary after ovulation. Its primary purpose, aside from dictating the entire endocrine system, is to help maintain the uterine lining for pregnancy. The best natural progesterone cream, Cycle Balance Cream, is designed to help women achieve improved hormonal health.

A deficiency in progesterone can cause:

  • PMS
  • miscarriage
  • preterm labor
  • premature birth.
  • A deficiency can cause postpartum depression after delivery.

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