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How To Safely Use Progesterone In Pregnancy
Learn How To Safely Use Progesterone In Pregnancy

Progesterone and Pregnancy

How to use progesterone in pregnancy is one of our most popular questions. Progesterone is normally made in abundance during pregnancy. Normal of course means if all things were functioning as they should and all hormones were in balance.

At first it is produced by the corpus luteum, from the egg that was released at the ovary. Once the fertilized egg implants the placenta takes over the production of progesterone. Usually around 8 weeks. It is before this time that a high percentages of miscarriages take place.

Progesterone helps maintain the pregnancy – keeping the uterine lining in-tact. Progesterone prevents certain miscarriages and helps to prevent preterm labor and premature birth later on in much the same way. But what if progesterone is deficient? What happens, unfortunately, is miscarriage, preterm labor and premature birth.

How can a deficiency in progesterone during pregnancy be remedied? There are several ways. Your conventional doctor may prescribe pills, shots or vaginal suppositories. 

Or you can use a transdermal natural progesterone creams. With natural progesterone cream a prescription, in the US, is not needed.

Unfortunately most conventional, traditional physicians either don’t know of the benefits of a natural progesterone cream – or they won’t advocate using it. Usually it’s because they are uneducated on the use of natural remedies and a natural progesterone cream is not being promoted by the major drug companies. This is when self-educating is so important.

The FDA requires the statement  “Always seek the advice of your physician before taking or using any natural remedy.” on all websites for the sake of reminding the buyer to be careful. We agree. Do your homework and make a good decision.

Now that we have all the legalities out of the way – let’s go on to talk about the benefits of natural progesterone cream to pregnancy.

The number one question asked is:

How safe is natural progesterone cream to use during pregnancy?

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Because the progesterone in a natural progesterone cream is bio-identical in molecular structure to the progesterone your body produces, there are no ill-effects to use the cream all the way through pregnancy. As a matter of fact, those who have written on the subject for many years recommend it be continued through week 36-38.

Compare natural progesterone cream to the prescriptions a physician will normally prescribe. The pills or suppositories are prescribed at difference stages of pregnancy when a patient has a progesterone level showing to be deficient. 

The suppositories are given from ovulation until about 7 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the danger of miscarriage has passed.

The progesterone shots are given later in pregnancy to prevent preterm labor and premature birth. These are given if the “preterm labor” test comes back positive, or if there’s a known history of preterm labor and premature birth.

Natural progesterone cream is just as effective as the pills, suppositories and shots. There is a difference in how it is prescribed and the carrier of it as well as how the decision is made by the attending physician.

Millions of women have used the cream with great results. I can say that I have used it in my last 2 of 5 children’s pregnancies after having 7 miscarriages among our other 3 children. This is what started us in the infertility and hormonal health world.

Now there are some traditional doctors that have researched the use of natural progesterone cream and are recommending their patients to use it during pregnancy. 

The benefits of using a natural progesterone cream is both effective and cost efficient. There are documented cases of women who had previously suffered from both miscarriage and preterm labor / premature birth who conceived and carried their baby to full term because they used a natural progesterone cream. A dear friend of ours had been bedridden with her 2 preceding children before using natural progesterone cream.  She was told that she would lose her baby early on but carried to term at 40 years old.

These are the stories we hear every day of women thanking us for our support and our candid stories. Many of them we take through the process of going from infertility to fertility to pregnancy to birth. You can read about them at Infertility Workshop.

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