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Natural Progesterone Cream for Acne Management
Natural Progesterone Cream for Acne Management

Both teenagers and adults alike have found that natural progesterone cream and acne management are something to be considered. It is said that the cause of acne is somewhat of a genetically inherited disease. However, there are a variety of things that can cause an outbreak. For instance, excess oil being secreted by the sebaceous glands can be partly to blame for acne outbreaks. This is because when too many cells begin clogging up pores, the excess oil can become trapped in a follicle and bacteria get into the follicle, which then causes irritation to the skin. This does not have to be the end but only the beginning of understanding what you can do to correct acne, especially if it occurs just before or during menstruation. While acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin that tends to be more prevalent in teenagers, it can affect adults as well, especially adult women. Adult acne appears to have a variety of causes as well, but scientists have now discovered that there is a link between the hormone progesterone and acne. The connection between progesterone and acne in adult women tends to stem from hormonal imbalances that are associated with the menstrual cycle. Teens with acne can benefit from the same as adult women with acne.

Cycle Balance Plus Natural Progesterone for PMS Relief

Read about Cycle Balance Cream PLUS, which contains many herbs to help with its hormone-balancing effects as well. Days before a woman begins menstruating, her progesterone levels begin to increase, and outbreaks of acne tend to occur at this time. While progesterone itself does not cause acne, it has somewhat of an androgenic effect.

Natural Progesterone Cream and Acne Management

It has been widely recognized and advocated by alternative medicine practitioners that natural progesterone cream acne solutions can not only help clear out acne, but they can also help with other symptoms that occur when women begin menstruating. It is said that progesterone cream may also help balance out a woman’s hormones. Generally, most medical practitioners will simply look to treat acne with acids, antibiotics, and benzoyl peroxide. While these remedies can improve the outbreak of acne, they tend not to eliminate it entirely. Natural progesterone cream, however, appears to have more success in not only managing and stopping the development of acne but also in eliminating it entirely. Hormone therapy, which includes natural progesterone cream, may be an effective remedy for acne. Natural Progesterone Cream Acne alternative will not burn your face but will balance hormones in order to help stop the outbreak of cyclic and chronic acne. If you are concerned about hormonal imbalance causing acne, PMS, and painful periods (dysmenorrhea) as well, read more about an herbal product called Female Hormone Balance. Buy natural progesterone cream for acne solution today only at your safest natural health supplements store online!

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